How to Make Your Own sweetener

Go to any home, or garden, or gift basket store and you will find this sweetener or a substitute for it in almost every place you can think of! These berries are not only very tasty but are considered to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. And why is that? It’s because they are loaded with antioxidants, and that’s good news, right? But the reality is, many people are taking these natural power-houses and turning them into wholly delicious deserts. And we are supposed to eat them cold or when they are hot? classic Fresh Cut Curds:-

We all know that adding the milk, cream, and other stuff, that makes the curd feel full of air and almost soupy. This helps us to eat less. But it also makes the dish flavorful in a way that few other desserts can manage to be. The creamy and luscious curds that we know and love were first made by the Scottish in the late 1800s as they explored and settled on the west coast of Scotland. The Scottish were the first to add milk products to the dessert, and the rich cultural traditions of the Scots (Welsh) have kept the tradition going for centuries.

While Sweet Amos and Blackcaps are popular in warmer weather, here in cooler climes they are a rare treat, and more often a treat only during harvesting times. Freshly made Lemonade is very popular – Oh the Joy Of It!

Mint Tea

This is very old. The first mention of MintTea dates back to April 1722; however, the delights of mint tea are well documented. Mint was used medicinally by the Chinese, with whom it was specially introduced. This tea was used to energize travelers and was always in demand by preparers.

It became known that mint tea was used as a funerary ceremony. The custom of ending a person’s life with a MintTea was practiced until the late 19th century.

Coffee Ice Cream

Originally believed to have originated in Italy, Ice Cream has shoes, mysteries, and stories all over the world. Yes, the word ‘cream’ is very hard to pronounce and the whole ‘creamy icy’ smell is not so nice. The first mention of this frozen treat is in 1792 and it is believed to have been made from chocolate.

It is believed that the word ‘cream’ was used to refer to the processed milk, which was used in parlors at the time. However, the ice cream had already been giving the public a bad taste. Many various names are in use such as crème, demi-glace, lardo, and poivre meaning fresh cheese, sour cream, and ice.

A popular variety of this popular treat is made by cooking and cooling the liquid into a hard block and then slicing the block into along dimension lines to form a tongue.

The tradition of making this tongue-shaped delicacy varies from one society to another. Societies have their own version of making it as a tradition while others merely have a good laugh at it.

Some people add a variety of other fruits, meat, fish, and vegetables to help make it a little sweeter and others add small hard candies to it.

A personal favorite is using FruitArt Candy Coating Kitchen invention and KitchenAid ice cream maker to turn it into a custom creation.

This is a fast and easy process.

The soft texture from the coating is a wonderful thing.

I tried it and I must say it is really good!

Make it in just a few easy steps and you are done in just a few easy steps.

Get the right kind of tools. You don’t need to be a baker, just a person who loves to cook great dishes.

I tried using a muffin pan and the results were not what I was expecting. Why? Well because the crust was dry and I am not a connoisseur of gluten-free bread products. The best is to use an ice cream maker.

For the ladies try a silicone baking mat. Just leave it on the counter and the house will warm naturally.

Find a good gluten-free cookbook. Quick and easy.

Start today. Why so much trouble?

Maybe because everywhere you go there are choices. Choose the best quality available. Get a pan, spoon, and pastry bag and set it up. Use today’s technology. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

Best equipment.

Best tips.

Healthy Diet.

Best Ingredients.

We eat everything…Every day we eat; several foods that are fundamental to our meals.

Even if you are following a strictly eat no gluten plan, you will still have to be aware of your limitations, which can be the challenge of living with gluten.

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